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Bridgeworks WANrockIT WAN-accelerating software can make communicating with offsite tape libraries vastly faster than physically shipping tapes, and vastly cheaper if you are using a remote Fibre Channel SAN or site-to-site replication before transmitting data to the tape library.

“We have been looking for a solution that meets the demands of our customers growing need for geo spread of their data – Bridgeworks makes this vision a reality.”
Warren Peel, Managing Director

Keep Accelerating your Big Data Strategy

Big Data. No longer are we asking ‘WHAT’ is it? We are now asking “HOW WE MAXIMIZE ITS VALUE?” The problem is that Big Data strategies now have to plan around mobilizing ever increasing volumes of data that often has to be farmed, analyzed and implemented from multiple locations.

What’s more, it has to be done fast to ensure you are maximizing the opportunity Big Data presents for your business. With the capability to move 4.4GB per second over a 40Gb connection, WANrockIT and PORTrockIT greases the wheels of your Big Data strategy, ensuring you can get it where you want it, when you want it.

WANrockIT improves performance up to 50x, accelerating data movement over the WAN, irrespective of the distance.

WANrockIT is designed to overcome the effects of Latency, maximise bandwidth and optimise protocols (Fibre Channel, iSCSI, SAS and SCSI). But, don't take our word for it, read this article on The Register® to get all the details.

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WANrockIT Series 200

The Bridgeworks’ Series 200 WANrockIT™ is a data centre appliance for accelerating storage protocols over WAN links. By using unique parallelisation techniques managed by Artificial Intelligence, it frees the user from the distance limitations and performance constraints that are normally associated with WANs.

With its “local device” like connectivity, organisations can now realistically implement the Data Replication, Migration, Backup and Disaster Recovery strategies that match their distance, performance and costs requirements.

In a similar way to the WANrockIT™ Series 100, the WANrockIT™ Series 200 units are a fixed protocol device but support twin fail-over power supplies and WAN connections for those who wish a higher level of fault tolerance. Where WANrockIT™ Nodes have differing protocols, the WANrockIT™ will automatically convert from one storage protocol to another whilst the data is in flight without extra overhead or performance derogation.

Each WAN Series 200 is designed to support up to 200MB/s of WAN throughput over two 1Gb WAN connections. The user can configure the two 1Gb interfaces to act as failover connections in case of a single WAN connection outage or paired to improve performance. Each WANrockIT™ 200 can connect to one other WANrockIT™ node of any WANrockIT™ Series or interface type. The Series 200 supports a separate 1Gbe LAN interface port for configuring and managing the unit. The Series 200 WANrockIT™ unit is available in two configurations: Fibre channel with two 8Gb short range, multimode LC connections or, iSCSI with two 1Gbe 10000BaseT RJ45 connections.

  • Up to 200MB/s link performance
  • Point to Point connectivity
  • Compatible with Series 100,200, 400 and 800
  • Simplex and Duplex modes
  • iSCSI, Fibre Channel options

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