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Cinegy focuses on the research and development of media and television software and technologies.

Cinegy develops innovative video, broadcast and production software solutions, encompassing every aspect of a collaborative workflow including IP Tools, ingest, editing to playout, all connected to an active archive with full Digital Asset Management.

Based on standard IT hardware and non-proprietary storage technology, Cinegy products are reliable, affordable, scalable, easily deployable and intuitive.

Cinegy and Trams have recently announced a new partnership.

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Cinegy focuses on the research and development of media and television software and technologies.

Cinegy JET Pack

Cinegy JET Pack is an all-in-one media management solution for playout; CG and branding; ingest and encoding; monitoring; live production and mixing; and transcoding.

JET Pack is available as an annual subscription for 1995 Euros, including updates, which means that Cinegy’s mission of Software Defined Television has just become even more accessible and flexible. It is also available to purchase for 4995 Euros which includes 12 months of updates.

The Cinegy JET Pack includes:

  • Cinegy Air PRO with Cinegy Type option and Dolby Digital option.
  • Cinegy Capture PRO
  • Cinegy Multiviewer Base
  • Cinegy Live
  • Cinegy Convert

The Cinegy JET Pack Licensing Details:

  • One Cinegy dongle for one machine. There is no license splitting.
  • All of the included software can only be used on the same physical machine.
  • No dongle sharing or remote access, no hosting in virtual machines, no rental, etc.
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MAM and Capture

Your archive should not be the dump where the painstakingly created content goes to die - it’s the goldmine that needs to be exploited, again and again. Media assets have value – store them, find them, use them. Whether you are in news, sports, drama, entertainment or just need an enterprise repository – making the most of what you already have is the best return on investment.

Further product information (pdf):

Cinegy Archive - Enterprise Archive Solution Cinegy Desktop -Team Workflow Production Cinegy Capture
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Automation and Playout

Managing the growing complexity of playout, automation and file delivery is an increasing challenge to broadcasters. As the number of channels and platforms a broadcaster delivers rises, controlling that infrastructure is critical. Software-based solutions, with technologies such as high-density virtualization and IP stream I/O, offer the possibility to consolidate complexity into bite-sized elements - particularly as more features can be added to collapse the length of the traditional broadcast chain.

Further product information (pdf):

Cinegy Air – Multi-Channel Playout Cinegy Convert – File-based Delivery Cinegy Type
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IP Tools

Deploying an IP-based Ethernet video infrastructure is a necessary choice for broadcasters seeking to cut costs and prepare for new formats such as 4K. IP infrastructures transport video data over Ethernet networks rather than via SDI switches and cables, offering significant scalability and cost advantages. An IP infrastructure also provides greater signal capacity and enhanced flexibility, allowing broadcast operations to expand quickly with fewer problems

Further product information (pdf):

Cinegy Multiviewer – Monitoring and Analysis Cinegy Route - Control and Manage
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