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StorNext 5’s open, reliable and proven platform lets you choose best-of-breed solutions for file management, leverage StorNext and Storage Manager, and API to integrate custom software solutions to realize your vision for fast, yet highly manageable file workflow operations.

We bring together consultants with industry expertise, able to design, specify, deliver & support best of breed storage products and workflow solutions. These deployments are just a small example of what we do for our customers.

Marketing Content Management

Situation / Problem

Retail customer with 80% video content. Backups were not being completed, and the large files were causing the system to crash. Archiving was done is separate storage silos, making accessing archived content challenging.

Customer Solution

Removed unstructured data from backup operations and implemented a scalable, tiered archive solution that integration with their media asset system. StorNext M441, QX-1200, Storage Mgr and Scalar i500.

Business Benefits

Allows customer to easily browse & retrieve video assets used for marketing and internal communications.

Consolidated workflow to archive on ingest rather than two processes.

Increased productivity, better integration w/MAM & long-term preservation on Scalar LTO.

Sports Broadcasting

Situation / Problem

Needed a centralized platform to centralize the archiving and editing of all sports related content. Wanted to maximizes the value of data by reselling content to other broadcasters.

Customer Solution

StorNext M662 Metadata Appliance + StorNext QD6000 Disk Arrays + StorNext G302 Gateways + StorNext AEL6000.

Business Benefits

Better access to archived data for monetization.

Centralized workflow built on StorNext.

Seamless integration with MAM system.

Sports Equipment Vendor

Business Benefits

Monetizing the data they are producing using Lattus M-Series.

Using customer submitted video files to create advertising and feature programming.

Preserving content forever on single site with path to DR.

Grow the deal opportunity came from StorNext Q series win last summer.

Surveillance Video Storage

Situation / Problem

In addition to their existing dashboard cameras, for an initial pilot, a law enforcement agency equipped 50 police officers with on-body cameras, creating a large requirement for video storage.

Customer Solution

Quantum StorNext Storage Manager + M662 + 5 QX-1200 + Scalar i6000 LTO Library.

Business Benefits

Automated archive capability of StorNext Storage Manager and the ability to virtualize the entire archive.

Workflow allows the customer to store less than ¼ of their video files on expensive disk, while putting the rest on tape.

Consolidated backup and archive into one enterprise library with dual robots and EDLM.

2X more cost-effective than previous NAS.

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