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Post Production

As a post production professional you face ever-changing client requirements, tighter deadlines and shrinking budgets.

With a complete HD workflow being the norm and 4K already here or coming fast, you need rock-solid performance and reliability in your workflow. StorNext post production solutions deliver.

StorNext is the number one open collaboration platform for post production and the only 100% compatible Xsan solution available.

Quantum StorNext 5 delivers dramatic new levels of performance, scalability and flexibility for a new generation of the industry’s leading scale-out shared storage file system, tiered storage and archive.

Newly engineered from the ground up, StorNext 5 is a complete end-to-end solution that combines file management technology with easy-to-deploy appliances to support the world’s most complex and demanding digital media workflows.

Collaboration & Sharing

With ever shortening production schedules, content creators need immediate, shared access to media files to collaborate effectively. StorNext 5 provides the power to centralize content and enable simultaneous, seamless, and faster file sharing on a high-speed SAN or LAN networks.

StorNext 5 Metadata Appliances are the heart of all StorNext solutions, managing very large numbers of very large files. With StorNext 5, your creative team can focus on creative work, no matter what application or platform they, or their fellow team members, are working from.

Primary Storage HD/4K Workflows

With an ever growing demand for higher resolution, high quality content, it’s no small task to store and deliver multiple content streams to production team members without dropping a single frame. And the demands get tougher with each increase of resolution and every new distribution format.

StorNext 5 Q-Series Storage is designed and configured for media files, with the unique performance capabilities required to manipulate large media files at very high rates.

Transcode & Proxy Acceleration

Mainstream viewing of content has grown beyond the television or movie screen, and the opportunities to monetize that content has grown with every new device that consumers view it. With the increase in devices comes an increase in delivery formats and a storage infrastructure that supports the compute intensive transcoding and proxy creation process.

StorNext 5 Gateway Appliances gives compute servers high-speed access to media files across LAN connections, perfect for transcoding and proxy acceleration applications.

Ingest & Delivery

Whether it’s protecting footage straight from the camera or delivering content to collaboration partners, media workflows still need the portability of tape, but without the hassles of proprietary formats.

Quantum LTFS Appliances allow you to access media files on LTO digital tape almost as if it were disk storage, reading and writing files in the open standard, cross-platform LTFS tape format. With LTFS, ingesting content from shoot locations and delivering it to partners has never been easier.

Near Line & Deep Archive

The value of content is not fully realized when it’s delivered, but when it’s carefully preserved and made accessible for re-use or monetization in a digital library. StorNext 5 archive options include petabyte-scale, disk-based Lattus Object Storage, budget-conscious tape-based StorNext AEL Archives and Quantum Q-Cloud Archive cloud-based storage.

All are managed long-term by the StorNext Storage Manager, a policy-based content and asset migration engine. StorNext Storage manager analyzes usage patterns, determines the optimal location for assets, and automatically migrates content between storage tiers, all based on policies you set based on your workflow and budget requirements.

Q-Cloud Archive

Rolling out a cloud archive has never been simpler than with StorNext 5 and Q-Cloud Archive from Quantum. Q-Cloud Archive offers pay-as-you-go archiving that’s fully integrated with StorNext, so there’s no need to disrupt your workflow or re-train users for a new archive process. With Q-Cloud Archive, you can quickly scale up or down your archive’s capacity as needed.

StorNext 5 AEL

Archives With large numbers of large content files, often preserved in multiple formats, digital tape is still a wise and economical choice for some content owners, particularly for storing offsite copies for disaster recovery. StorNext AEL Archives combine the intelligence of StorNext Storage Manager with LTFS-capable, highly scalable, secure LTO tape libraries.

Lattus Object Storage

Efficient and immediate access to legacy content can mean the difference between meeting a deadline or having a production schedule slip. Lattus Object Storage can scale beyond the petabyte level to meet the extreme scalability, durability and budget requirements of large-scale, long-term archives, while offering disk-speed access to content.

StorNext Connect

StorNext environments are dynamic workspaces where multiple users interact with valuable data through a wide variety of applications. Maintaining performance and access to data is an ongoing Administrator task. While StorNext is one of the most hands-off data management platforms available, enhanced insight into system status and single-screen manageability can provide even greater control and visibility to their workspace.


Queries the StorNext environment to create an inventory of clients, file systems, gateways, metadata controllers, storage arrays, tape libraries and name servers.


Provides both real-time and historical monitoring of performance, throughput, and latency of all file systems at a high level with a drill down to individual components.


Makes it to setup and manage media workflows by shortening the time it takes to deploy or upgrade a StorNext environment.

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