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Quantum StorNext G300 Gateway

The Gateway is ideal for customers who have farms of servers (rendering, seismic processing, desktop editors, etc.) all needing high-speed and on-demand access to shared data sets, but without the requirements of Fibre Channel speeds. The G300 Gateway family includes two models—the StorNext G301, 1GbE model with a throughput aggregate of 800MB/s, and StorNext G302, 10GbE model with a throughput aggregate of 1.6GB/s. A new license model enables greater flexibility, making it easier than ever to dynamically add new clients and accommodate changes in workflows or the overall configured StorNext environment. Users can connect as many clients as can be accommodated by the available bandwidth of the gateway and based on specific workflow needs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Purpose-built for StorNext environments – G300 Gateway Appliances can be deployed in StorNext File System software environments and are compatible with the StorNext M330 and other StorNext metadata controllers
  • Ease of deployment and predictability – Factory installed and licensed software for simplified deployments and out-of-the-box reliability and predictable performance
  • High performance shared access – High-performance data sharing and concurrent access by multiple users across the network
  • Ease of Installation – Gateway conversion kit protects investment and eases transition between 1GbE and 10GbE network infrastructure
  • Ease of management – Integrated monitoring instrumentation provides graphical views of performance metrics for all connected Gateways and Clients ensuring balanced performance
  • World-class support from Quantum – Customers have a single vendor experience from point of purchase to service and support from StorNext experts at Quantum
G300 Gateway

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