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Workflow in the cloud

Modern media workflows are evolving. To meet the challenges of geographically distributed workgroups, quicker deadlines, and a greater number of ingest and delivery options, media production companies are re-evaluating their workflows to improve productivity and drive efficiency. With the cloud’s innate ability to connect distributed locations, many companies are considering adding cloud capabilities to their workflows.

But integrating cloud into media workflows is not straightforward. Public cloud services are primarily designed as development platforms and offer barebones functionality. They don’t include workflow integration for the broad range of applications that make up modern media workflows. And for an industry that demands the highest level of asset security and content integrity, public clouds often present unacceptable security risks when putting assets and content into non-secured public clouds.

StorNext Integrated Cloud Workflows

Fortunately, there is a better way. Media workflows built on StorNext® can add cloud capabilities to simplify collaboration across dispersed production teams, and to streamline content distribution from a centralized, cloud-based platform. Unlike public cloud offerings, StorNext cloud workflows offer a safe and efficient

environment where all assets and content protected throughout the workflow. All content and assets are tracked and managed, and the workflow can be automated from ingest through delivery and on to archive, providing a working inventory of content that can be accessed anywhere.

Collaboration Without Disrupting Users

With StorNext cloud workflows, users have a true cloud-based end-to-end workflow that allows geographically dispersed teams to work seamlessly on projects without changing their day-to-day activities.

For users in a StorNext or Xsan environment, the move to a cloud-based workflow will feel natural, offering the same experience as working locally with some added benefits and capabilities.

Leverage the Power of Object Storage with Lattus

For added scalability, flexibility and security, StorNext cloud workflows can be built with Quantum Lattus object storage.

Lattus offers greater self-healing and self-protection capabilities than traditional RAID and can scale to the petabyte level.

The result: an object storage-based cloud infrastructure which is scalable, highly resilient and disaster-tolerant.

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