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Xsan Transition

Many facilities with aging Apple Xsan deployments are looking for robust solutions that offer greater flexibility, increased capabilities, and maintain the ability to leverage their existing workflow investment. StorNext is the ideal next step as the only 100% Xsan compatible shared storage solution.

StorNext preserves your current investment while ensuring high availability with unmatched online performance seamless end-to-end workflow capabilities. From ingest to work in process, delivery and archive, StorNext does it all, cost effectively, without changing the way you work.


When Xsan was first launched, production environments were relatively simple and were highly project oriented. All assets tended to be grouped into project folders, and these all resided on a ‘work-in-process’ SAN. As needs grew, either new SAN ‘islands’ were created, or the existing SAN storage was simply expanded in an ad-hoc fashion.

Asset management, if used at all, was also highly project oriented and tied closely to naming files and folders by customer or project name and brute force searching across the entire SAN. As content production best practices have evolved, asset management has emerged as a critical productivity and efficiency tool to deliver creative assets at various stages in the workflow.

A well-integrated asset management system that ensures seamless access to both the work-in-process environment, and secondary tiers of content saves creative users from having to find assets across their increasingly sprawling environment, and focus instead on creating content and delivering projects on schedule.

Despite this increasing complexity, evolving Xsan environments want to retain the ease of use and compatibility of Xsan without retraining their users or introducing new costs for each workstation client. While an Xsan environment may have begun as a small, Mac-only environment, today this same environment is finding that continuing to deliver outstanding creative content demands a highly capable, cross-platform environment that is dependable and efficient at every step and accommodates all leading editing and creative tools.

Further, Xsan environments today need to increasingly accommodate Windows-based editing workstations, and Linux- or Windows-based servers and workstations for dedicated workflow steps such as asset management, color grading, special effects, rendering or transcoding.


Xsan users have found that Quantum’s StorNext® is a 100% Xsan-compatible solution and the ideal way to deliver a highly capable, shared production environment while maintaining complete Xsan client compatibility.

By simply adopting a Quantum StorNext Metadata Controller Appliance as the new heart of their Xsan environment, they gain tremendous flexibility in growing the capabilities of their environment. They can add not only Xsan clients, but Windows and Linux StorNext clients as well. This is an ideal way to quickly integrate Windows-based editors, or specialized applications that can accelerate a production workflow such as Windows- or Linux- based transcoding or finishing applications.

Beyond the ability to host Mac, Windows, and Linux in one seamless shared production environment, an entire platform of StorNext capability opens up—Quantum’s StorNext platform includes a wide range of tools to extend a production SAN to Ethernet-based SAN clients with a Quantum Distributed LAN Client (DLC); use a wide array of storage including Quantum StorNext QXS and QD-Series storage; archive finished assets and projects with Quantum Archive-Enabled Tape Libraries; and even make assets available globally with Quantum LattusTM object storage.


Upgrading an existing environment is very straightforward, but like most SAN operations, benefits from advance planning. QsmartStorage will help you through every step of the planning and upgrade process.

The entire process can take a little as a few hours, and is often scheduled on a weekend to allow time for migration, then testing so that your production environment can get back into production with the upgraded StorNext environment seamlessly.


Quantum has made it even easier to adopt a new 100% Xsan-compatible solution with the introduction of StorNext Pro Solutions. These solutions include not only a highly optimized StorNext Metadata Controller Appliance, but also storage and often other components to deliver a complete solution that meets customers’ needs.

Each StorNext Pro Solution* includes a 3-year warranty, on-site service spares, 30-minute phone response (excluding general inquiries), and next-day parts replacement.

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